An Evening of New Connections and Good Vibes

What do you get when you bring 30 remarkable individuals into a space that has been ‘saged’ and is exuding positive energy? You get a house full of mindful people really connecting and discussing relevant topics in the most respectful ways.

The Yoga Spot collaborated with Funmi of The Village Pot to create an experience – a networking experience, a first-of-its-kind tagged Supper in Lagos.

It was our first event ( apart from our opening event) at the space and we had a full house. I remember asking Funmi if she was nervous and she said yes. I remember thinking, how come she is nervous? She has organized group tours for various groups of people across the continent. What does she want me to be if she is nervous? The nerves were fine, we acknowledged the emotions, shrugged it off, and went on to have a fantastic evening. For four hours we had a 3-course meal, two rounds of cocktails, good wine and above all cricket-less moments.

The energy was great, the people were woke so naturally, the conversations were insightful, and the food was tasty. We can’t wait to see and hear of the collaborations and partnerships as a result of Supper in Lagos.

We are thankful to all that made this event come together.

We look forward to having more remarkable experiences at The Yoga Spot. Check out our event’s page as we have 6 events in the month of March!

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