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Yoga was and always will be something more than just a workout. It has always been a philosophy, a lifestyle for a healthy mind and body state. These are some of the things that yoga will help you achieve are:

Relaxation after workMuch more peaceful state of mindEnergized bodyReenergized mindHigh flexibility

our classes

“ It’s really nice to know that you can fully rely on your instructor and let yoga treat your body and soul. Beautiful! ”



“ I am beyond grateful for your teachings, the practice and the beautiful souls that I have met in the community. ”



“ If you feel low, and don’t know how to cheer up, try joining taking classes with Michael. His sessions are everything and more! ”



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our team

Michael Ernest

Creator/Designated Grown Up


Pilates Instructor


Instructor/Artist/Cool Kid
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About Us

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Monday: 11am-7pm
Tuesday-Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm


123 New Lenox, Chicago, IL, 60606
Email: info@zenyoga.com
Telephone: +1 (800)-123-4567