thrive thursdays - the 411

Q.) What is THRIVE Thursdays?
A.) A weekly 45 minute power yoga session followed by alkaline electric / vegan refreshments (alkaline shot & food).

Q.) What type of food refreshment can be expected?
A.) Mushroom suya, Shawarma, BBQ fried chik, Tunah nori rolls, Kale salad etc

Q.) What type of drink refreshment can be expected?
A.) A ginger / lime / cayenne pepper alkaline wellness shot

Q.) When does THRIVE Thursdays begin?
A.) Thursday, March 7, 2019

Q.) Where is THRIVE Thursdays taking place?
A.) The Yoga Spot - 33 Grace Anjous Drive, Lekki 1, Lagos

Q.) How much does it cost to attend THRIVE Thursdays?
A.) N5000 per person

Q.) Are walk-ins welcomed?
A.) RSVP is required.

Q.) How do you RSVP?
A.) Call 07031214305 or click link below