Introducing The Yoga Spot

There is something beautiful about new beginnings. Recently I listened to a podcast that featured the work of filmmaker Chris Field. Now if you are not familiar with Mr. Field he is a photographer, inventor, and an expert in the field of botanical time-lapse photography and automation.

In one of this famous video, he had to set up a time-lapse recording of Venus Flytrap, Purple Pitcher Plant and Cape Sundew showing how the carnivorous plants attract and attack insects.

The most interesting thing is that while this video is minutes long it took him over 107 days of continuous filming to get the footage.

Today as I introduce you to this new project and endeavor I draw learnings from this amazing individual, the pain and the joy of creating something different with what you are presented with, the magic of time which comes with a flip side called patience, the uncertainty of outcomes. I also draw learning from all the many personal experiences I have experienced in the last two years while co-running Breathe.

In the last couple of years I have been lucky to share my yoga practice in various countries, this past week I have shared my practice in Rwanda, Uganda and later will do same at the Kilifi New Year Festival in Kenya. Every time I am on the road I always try to find a spot or space I can roll out my mat and practice – sometimes it is at a studio, Art Centre, private rooftops, a small Airbnb space. Back home, I also try to find a spot to practice and feel safe regardless of where it is. I consider any safe space with awesome energy that one can roll out a mat and practice The Yoga Spot and this is where I drew inspiration for this new endeavor.

I always wanted to create a space that mirrors – safe space that fully represents a lifestyle of wellness and mindfulness with a major focus on curated yoga experiences; a space where people can call their yoga spot, a space where people can come together and have honest conversations.

The concept of The Yoga Spot simply put is any spot one can practice but for many, they might need a safe space which is why we have a permanent location for The Yoga Spot in LAGOS. What one should expect from the space is a total departure from the old project, The Yoga Spot will depict simplicity and minimalism.
The Yoga Spot will also house community-oriented endeavors and we can’t wait to share the space and more with you.

The Classes and the Team

In the past three months, I have taken time to deepen my practice, to learn more, to interact more with other teachers from around the world. I shared my ideas with them and with their advise and help The Yoga Spot will have the first of its kind tailored classes in Lagos. Classes that for the first time ever will cater for everyone and every body.

In another post, I will be detailing the classes and the team members and what to expect. Together we will be curating unique yoga experiences.

Integrated Wellness

Once the studio opens we will incrementally roll out integrates wellness items that will foster people’s overall wellness and mindfulness. These items are all eco-friendly items sourced from various parts of the world. First stock will include made in Nigeria Tote Bags Nigeria, Rwandan Green Tea, Kenyan Black Tea, Rwandan chilli oil Akabanga, Made in India Incense Sticks, Essential Oil from Uganda, Lip Balms from Kenya, Vervain Tea from Morocco, Mixed Flower Tea from UAE, Oud from UAE.

Our First Event

I am super excited to share the details of our first collaborative event happening 28th Dec 2019. The Yoga Spot will be sharing their practice with Mothers at Bumps & Babies Lagos wellness event.

Check out the poster for details.

Join The Team

We’re looking to bring people on board, let’s build something magical together. Right now The Yoga Spot is in need of interns so if interested please apply via
Please feel free to email if you have any service of offerings you think the project will need.

Ready to rock with us?

Follow us on our social media pages and subscribe for our newsletter on the (yet to be completed) website.

More details on this coming soon!

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