We are A Month Old + Upcoming Events!

What can we say! We officially became a month old on the 3rd of March (three days ago)!  A month of new beginnings, a month of firsts.; we had our first event, first class, our opening, first no-show class, the first sip of tea with strangers turned friends, first broken glass, first happy client, first review, first setback, first everything.

However, we are grateful for everything! We are thankful for the good times and moments so far and we have are graceful about the setbacks. We had a month of uncertainty in the country and one of our business expert friends pegged the month as  – the most unsteady month to launch a new studio.

We like to put a positive spin to that think that The Yoga Spot opened at the perfect time when there are so many external factors one can’t control we tune into ourselves and create our own calm and outcome. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness help bring us to that place of consciousness because lord knows we need that right now in the country. People need something to help bring calmness to their minds, something to help them simply move, and experiences to help create a narrative of pleasant times.

Speaking of experiences, we are excited to present experiences that we are a part for the month of March. We are more than grateful to partners and friends of TYS who have collaborated with us to create. As much as we love yoga we also love to create, to create memories and remarkable experiences.

We created magic with Funmi of The Village Pot and we wrote about it here.

Take a peek at these five remarkable experiences happening in March you don’t want to miss out on. Click on the image to indicate interest.

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