Yin Asana

Yin Yoga – melting the connective tissue to a state of release. Joining the mind and breath together breathing into a physical location encourages improvement within the body. Feeling of freedom in the muscles from the tensions or habitual holding we create in our bodies. This slow meditation causes powerful shifts and changes within the muscles, releasing tightness especially in the joints. Why add Asana to a Yin Class? As the body tightens and becomes challenged it compensates by engaging muscles to maintain homeostasis within the body to walk, sit, and continue with life’s demands and activities. Once the shift in the muscles from yin classes take place our skeletal structure must realign to find the necessary balance between the left and right side of the body. This class addresses the body beyond the release but continues to support the timed yin poses. We explore yoga poses in a slow, methodical way by selecting relational asanas that support the stretch and strength within the body. With the appropriately selected poses we cultivate the nourishment required within the body to experience a feeling of peace. 60-75 minutes.